Giant House of Cards Sculpture

Auckland-based designer Fletcher Vaughan believes that the second half of the 20th century was a wild party, full of gas-guzzling cars, cheap energy, and vast personal wealth from a booming economy. Fast forward to today and we are waking up to a nasty hangover, facing the consequences of last night's excess.

To represent the the precarious balancing act we are performing with our planet, he created this giant house of cards installation titled Collapse. The sculpture's site is directly exposed to the forces of nature, elements that are becoming more unpredictable and extreme due to climate change and global warming. Although firmly fixed, the illusion that Collapse could be toppled at any moment by a simple breath of wind represents the fragility of our planet and its inhabitants in the present day.

“We've been building layers upon layers and each new layer only makes the collapse more likely,” Vaughan says. “Now we've reached a point where the house of cards can't go any higher.”

Headland website
via [Designboom]

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