260 Artists Featured at 8th Annual Post-It Show

Audrey Kawasaki

Coming in December, Giant Robot Gallery in Los Angeles, California, will host the Eigth Annual Post-It Show. As you can guess, the show features a variety of different artists who have created incredible works on colorful Post-It notes. More than 260 participating artists will showcase more than 2,000 Post-Its for visitors to admire and even purchase on a cash-and-carry basis, if desired.

Each year, the show is curated by Esther Pearl Watson and her husband, Mark Todd, and it features every illustration style imaginable. A preview of this year’s show, below, includes work by participating artists Tessar Lo, Stella Im Hultberg, Dan-ah Kim, Ping Zhu, Souther Salazar, Mari Inukai, Yoskay Yamamoto, Gillian Wilson, and Bill Main.

Included in that list is one of My Modern Met’s favorite artists, Audrey Kawasaki. Her work is a combination of sweet, seductive, and otherworldly, featuring gorgeous and intriguing female characters and faces in fantasy settings. While making her work, Kawasaki says, “There are particular moments where a girl will finally come alive, and during those moments, she becomes the epitome of ideal beauty to me–the flow of lines and her expression, as if I’ve finally “found her,” but that fades, and she generally comes back down into a calm, finished piece.”

You can find all of these works, and many more, at Giant Robot Gallery from December 8 through December 16.

From Left to Right, Row 1: Tessar Lo, Stella Im Hultberg, Stella Im Hultberg; Row 2: Dan-ah Kim, Ping Zhu, Souther Salazar; Row 3: Mari Inukai, Mari Inukai, Yoskay Yamamoto

Gillian Wilson

Bill Main

Bill Main

Bill Main

Giant Robot Gallery website
Audrey Kawasaki’s website

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