Glow-In-The-Dark Hair Is the Latest Fun Hair Trend to Light Up Your Life

Glow-in-the-dark hair is a new trend that will literally light up your life (and your locks). From vibrant rainbow manes to strands glowing in various neon shades and tresses resembling a jellyfish’s phosphorescence, this trend is being uniquely interpreted by both women and men. Wearers also love to style their locks in intricate braids, cascading curls, and quirky space buns to amplify the hair dye in unique patterns and designs.

Manic Panic’s High Voltage Classic Cream Formula is the hair dye behind many of these radiant looks, coming in appropriately named shades like “Hot Hot Pink” and “Electric Lizard.” There are also more subtle shades like “Virgin Snow” and “Raven” for those who prefer a natural-looking form of illumination (as natural as glow-in-the-dark hair could possible be). As one can imagine, glow-in-the-dark (or blacklight) hair makes for an unusual form of wearable art, one that amazingly comes alive when the lights go out.

Above photos via Megan McKay

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Photo via @rainbowmegz

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Photo via Mishele DiMaria

via [Elite Daily, Mashable]

January 18, 2017

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