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Google’s Adorable Valentine’s Day Animated Doodle


To celebrate Valentine's Day, Google has created a new animated short set to a song performed by Tony Bennett entitled “Cold, Cold Heart.” It features a lovesick boy trying to woo a girl with everything from roses and a box of chocolates to a dinosaur sweater. You've just got to love the end, when Google shows a collage of cute pairs that includes a princess and a frog, an astronaut with an alien and a same sex couple holding hands at the altar.

The short is a Google “doodle,” or artwork that takes their classic logo and tweaks it for holidays or special events. “The idea was to come up with something different – not static,” said Willie Real, the doodler who created the concept, told SF Gate.

“We want to try new things and just have fun with the homepage. We always want to surprise and delight our users.”

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