Restaurant Built Inside a Cave Offers Unique Dining Experience Along the Adriatic Sea

Boutique hotel Grotta Palasezze, located in the town of Polignano a Mare, sits along the eastern coast of Italy with a stunning view of the Adriatic Sea. The hotel and restaurants within have been carved out of the limestone rocks along the shores and according to the hotel website, “For well over 250 years the cavern has been at the heart of the region's festivities and still today remains a unique and romantic location for your celebrations and events.”

Within the hotel and tucked into the Italian cliffs is The Summer Cave restaurant, which provides an exclusive dining experience for those who aren’t incredibly afraid of heights. Sitting along the cliff’s edge, protected by a simple dividing fence, visitors will enjoy delicious Italian cuisine as they gaze out along the vibrant blue waters of the Sea. Dim lighting, hardwood floors, and a simple decor add to the elegant ambiance of this unique and cave-like experience.

Above the restaurant are twenty rooms where hotel visitors can enjoy a lengthy and relaxing stay, but make sure to plan your trip in the summertime as the restaurant is a seasonal location, open from May through October.

Grotta Palasezze Hotel: Website | Facebook
via [Inhabitat]

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