Gyu-Kaku Part II: Why This is One of the Best Restaurants on the Westside

So you know I really believe in a place when I take my dad and his wife to it.

Grace (sis) had been dying to go to this place so when my dad asked us to dinner last night what did Sam and I shout out in unison but “Gyu-Kaku”! (Not really but that would have been cool….or really cheesy.) We got a reservation – which is now pretty tough to come by – they said everyone has to be present and they only have a 15 min grace period. Since I already gave a pretty thorough description of this place from a previous post, I will just lay out some new things I learned. The reasons why this place is good: 1. Gas/charcoal grill with vents that sucks the air down (so the smoke doesn't end up in your face and hair). 2. Individual tongs for everyone! One person isn't stuck grilling while everyone else feels bad! 3. Service is pretty exceptional – the manager, Taka, was serving as well as socializing. The waitress was very attentive to us, as well. 4. Everything I have tried on their menu is good – the miso skirt steak and the garlic galbi are delicious. The meat is tender, cut into pretty thin slices and marinated very well. Even my dad and his wife were saying that this reminded them of the “old school” days when Koreans used to cook over charcoal. 5. They sell bibimbap and it's freakin tasty – rick/chicken/seasoned veggies/egg – this is both delicious and very authentic. 6. Linker (Grace's huband) also had the garlic noodles and he loved them! (This means a lot.) 7. The tofu salad dressing tastes like the old Mishimas (the new Yashimas) dressing. Yum.

8. They have this special contest thing going on next month – for every $25 bucks you get a scratch card to win free drinks or money…cool!

Quick side note: We were talking about why Koreans now grill over gas and my feeling is that they've forgotten about the lost art of galbi. They're all rushing to Japanese sushi joints now bc the margins are higher! I don't know how many times I have now gone into a sushi joint and heard a Korean say hello to me in Japanese. You are not fooling me, buddy! Hope this shows you just how much I love this place. Now a few personal pics. Stepmom, Dad and Sam:

Berry, Linker, Grace and me:

Me and Taka, the manager, really nice guy who sent me a personal email this morning thanking me for my original blog post:

The whole family (stepmom, this is almost as bad as the peace fingers – no disrespect but not sure what you were doing there.)

Happy Hour:

Parking: There is a lot down the street (same side towards Westside Pavilion):

One last thing, certain Gyu-Kakus (like this one) now are available for catering.You can either pick up some raw meat a la carte and grill it at home or buy one of three BBQ combos. Call for details. Gyu-Kaku (Yelp) 10925 W Pico Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90064 310.234.8641 Gyu-Kaku on Urbanspoon

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