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The earthquake tragedy in Haiti is like a bad nightmare. Haitian Red Cross estimated that 50,000 lost their lives in the deadly earthquake, but the government expects the death toll to exceed 500,000. Three million suffered from the earthquake. There are serious problems with landing of planes carried humanitarian assistance as the quake damaged a runway strip of the Port-au-Prince airport. Some of the planes couldn't leave the Haitian airport because lack of fuel resources. Planes carrying humanitarian assistance to Haiti are forced to land in the neighboring Dominican Republic delivering shipment to Haiti via land transport. There is unbearable sanitary in Haiti. Leaving bodies still at the streets is causing serious protest among the population. People are building barricades from bodies to express their protests. Mexican ambassador to Haiti Everardo Suarez told journalists that authorities couldn't organize funerals. "There are hundreds of bodies at the streets and serious problems with water supply, electric energy and medical aid. People fear to take the streets because of large groups of marauders there", said the ambassador. The Frame shows us what Haiti looks like from above, giving us a unique perspective on the scope of infrastructure damage that recently occurred in the earthquake-torn country. Haiti From Above – The Frame via apa

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