If Mermaids Existed in Different Cities Around the World

Ida in Iceland

Milk & Sea is a series by Prague-born, London-based photographer Hana Vojckov that visualizes mermaids in real life settings. Each half-fish, half-woman is set in a different country across the globe in a variety of environments. Inspired by the country each figure inhabits, its cultural mythology about mermaids, and random local girls that she had the fortune of speaking to in the respective nation, Vojckov composed a series that merges fantasy and reality in an intriguing way.

“The photographs are a response to the culturally-coded imagery we have in connection with mermaids,” says Vojckov. “The imagery is built upon, diverted or broken down. Working with the theme of popular culture I wanted to link the series by using a strongly colourful and easily approachable aesthetic. When I was thinking about the name for the work, I remembered that the traditional Czech expression for a healthy girl is that she is ‘blood and milk’. Applied to mermaids the words could [be] developed into the expression that she is ‘milk & sea’.”

Lisa in England

Solana in Portugal

Jaymy in Germany

Barunka in Czech Reupublic

Laura in Sicily

Hana Vojckov website
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January 23, 2017

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