Young Woman’s Wandering Mind in a Surreal World

Based in Manila, Philippines, self-taught photographer Hannah Chu takes viewers on a visual journey through a range of emotions. From solitude and withdrawal to desperation and longing, each image in the photographer's growing collection, which she has so generously shared with us, depicts a young woman getting lost in her own internal struggles and transforming her wandering mind into a surreal world where young women in flowing skirts float in midair and flying paper airplanes fill the room.

The imaginative photographer's body of conceptual work presents an engaging set of images that sweeps the viewer away, into her very own world. She tells us, “I picked up my first DSLR less than two years ago, and have ever since tried to create images that I think expresses how a lot of us feel inside, especially when we're dreaming.” At times, Chu's images display a somber scene of isolation, while at other instances, they exude a romantic quality. One particularly eye-catching shot features a young woman enveloped by a viridescent hedge. It's unclear whether she is one with nature or she has been reclaimed by the bush, as there is a tranquility in her expression coupled with her strained position. In this manner, there's an unspoken sense of serene submission to Chu's photos.

Hannah Chu website

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