Clever Artist Turns Doodles Into Imaginative Mirror Selfies

When 26-year-old Helene Meldahl, aka @mirrorsme, turns to the mirror to take a selfie, all kinds of wonderful and wild results emerge from her imagination. For more than a year, the young Norwegian artist has been filling her Instagram account with photographs that blend self-portraits with clever illustrations drawn on a mirror.

It takes Meldahl roughly 20-30 minutes to create an idea with either chalk or acrylic markers. “I guess I’ve always been doodling on things like schoolbooks or napkins,” she said. “For me it kind of comes natural to draw.” The creative selfies include everything from the artist playing tennis or pulling a rabbit from a hat, to references of Super Mario Brothers, Peter Pan, and Aladdin.

Meldahl does a great job of camouflaging her cell phone into each shot, which is often blended into the scene or strategically hidden behind a drawing. The whimsical creations are a playful way for the artist to bring her imagination to life without spending too much time on the details. “I’m not really one for details,” she explained. “I usually just get a picture in my head and go from there. One of my favorites is the one of me climbing a ladder, only because it made me laugh while I was doing it.”

Helene Meldahl on Instagram
via [Huffington Post], [22 Words]

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