Whimsical Toy Headshots

In their series titled Headshots, French artist collective Hello I’m Wild questions how different life would be if we allowed our inner child to dictate our daily activities. The creative duo behind the project, Caroline Sauvage and Marion Audefray, used their expertise in graphic design and photography to birth this series into a realm of believability. The series presents a jovial set of images of subjects like Buzz Lightyear, Bambi, and Rex the Green Dinosaur taking part in their own ideas of fun – whether that be reading a book, playing video games, or taking care of a new pet.

While it may seem like a daunting task to create a realistic visual of these normally animated characters like Woody and Jessie (from Toy Story) playing on old school Gameboys, the real-life renditions are remarkably convincing. It’s also really amusing to see that following our childish intuitions is not all that different from our usual leisurely activities as adults. Perhaps we don’t all play with rubber duckies in a bubble bath, like the fellow in the Darth Vader mask, but it’s interesting to see how tame these characters’ everyday activities are and how they fall in line with our recreational pastimes. According to this series, living life through the carefree wonderment of a child simply means adding more fun to one’s life. The storm trooper is using an iron, like most adults do, but adds a bit more playfulness to her routine, treating the appliance like an intergalactic laser gun. Ultimately, we can all throw a cartoon mask on in between doing our taxes and washing our laundry.

If you’re interested in purchasing a print from this series, two of the images are available at Geek Art Store.

Hello I’m Wild website
via [Visual News]

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