Herakut’s Awesome Live Painting: Berlin (10 pics + video)

If you've ever seen live painting, you know how fascinating it is to watch a piece come together. In the beginning, it's hard to visualize what the artist's final product will look like. At the end, it's remarkable to see all the layers come together to form an amazing piece.

Herakut is made up of two two graffiti artists, Hera and Akut. The male and female duo have been working together since 2004. Herakut combine deeply contrasting styles – Akut's photorealist spray paint, with Hera's more traditional painterly methods – to create highly stylized street works.

This event took place recently at the "Style Project Room" in Berlin, Germany. Herakut ended up donating the painting to the Berliner Charit, a hospital.

Herakut's website
images via urban art core

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