Hi-Def Pics – Zen Sanctuary: Kyoto, Japan (18 photos)

Koto-in Temple, Kyoto [hi-def]

Could there possibly be a more serene place than a temple sanctuary in Kyoto, Japan? Highly influenced by Zen Buddhism, these Japanese temples and gardens create a perfect environment to meditate and leave life’s troubles behind.

Also included in this set are incredible landscapes found near shrines and palaces. I especially love the tall bamboo stalks that surround the roads and the brightly colored trees that seem to dance in the sunlight. Kudos to Marser for these awesome shots!

Kenninji Temple, Kyoto [hi-def]

Enkouji Temple, Kyoto [hi-def]

Rurikouin Temple, Kyoto [hi-def]

Anrakuji Temple, Kyoto [hi-def]

Myousinji Temple, Kyoto [hi-def]

Myousinji Temple, Kyoto [hi-def]

Nonomiya Shrine, Kyoto [hi-def]

Nonomiya Shrine, Kyoto [hi-def]

Giouji Temple, Kyoto [hi-def]

Koudaiji-temple, Kyoto [hi-def]

Tenryuuji Temple, Kyoto [hi-def]

Kyoto Gosyo [hi-def]

Koudaiji Temple, Kyoto [hi-def]

Sinnyodou Temple, Kyoto [hi-def]

Nisonin Temple, Kyoto [hi-def]

Anrakuji Temple, Kyoto [hi-def]

Sanzenin Temple, Kyoto [hi-def]

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January 18, 2017

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