Hilarious Unofficial Olympic Pictograms

Jumping Out of Your Skin

With the 2012 Summer Olympics almost upon us, we’re sure to see creative and clever ideas sprout up that are inspired by the momentous occasion. In fact, a new Tumblr blog has just appeared called Olympic Non-Events that shows pictograms of everyday “sports.” It hilariously shows these figures jumping, throwing and lifting things, but in a metaphorical way. (One of the basic image elements of the Olympics, the Olympic Games Pictograms are widely used in areas such as advertising and communications, TV broadcasting and souvenir designs. The pictograms play an important role in identifying the Olympic sports as well as in Olympic marketing.)

"Throughout the course of the 2012 Olympic fortnight, an alternative programme of events will be taking place in offices and homes across London. While these events enjoy no official status, they represent some of the most popular participation sports in the UK. This blog is an attempt to recognise and honour these under-appreciated events through a system of practical iconography."

You can even submit your own written suggestion for entry by writing to [email protected] Now here are some of our favorites.

Jumping to Conclusions

Lifting a Finger

Walking on Egg Shells

Throwing Your Weight Around

Jumping the Queue

Kicking Yourself

Wresting With Your Conscience

Shooting Yourself in the Foot

Olympic Non-Events Tumblr
via [Logo Design Love]

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