Hilariously Honest Slogans for Popular Brands

Honest Slogans is a clever blog featuring well-known brand logos with hilariously honest slogans that realistically reflect the advertised product/service. Rather than offering idealistic mottos, these Photoshopped images say it like it is from the consumer’s perspective. So, instead of the fun, energetic drink that Kool-Aid tends to sell itself as, the blog simply adds the phrase “Sugar-Water” to communicate the truth about the sweet drink.

The ongoing project, which first began almost two years ago, took a long hiatus but seems to have resurfaced, releasing a new image almost everyday within the last week. Focusing mostly on food products that deceptively market an attractive lifestyle (a comfortable or perhaps healthier one), the blog also includes funny quips targeting services like LinkedIn, saying “Connect with people for no reason at all.”

Honest Slogans blog
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January 21, 2017

Countless Glittering Stars Illuminate a Dreamy World Below

For those of us who live in a bustling, crowded metropolis, a glittering sky filled with stars is a spectacular sight we rarely get to see. Finnish photographer Oscar Keserci offers us glimpses of these astounding views and tranquil starry nights. His breathtaking images showcase dark skies fully illuminated by millions of brilliant celestial points.

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January 20, 2017

Floating Cabin Lets Nature-Lovers Sleep in the Treetops of Sweden

If you’ve ever dreamed of cuddling up in a contemporary treehouse, the 7th Room Treehotel may be your new favorite getaway. Designed by Snøhetta—a design office that dabbles in landscaping, architecture, interiors, and brand design—the floating bungalow is tucked away in Northern Sweden and perfectly positioned for a sweeping view of the Northern Lights. The 7th Room is elevated by twelve 10-meter stilts and is beautifully built around the towering trunk of a pine tree.

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