Hunt Rettig – Mixed Media Art

Who would've thought that polyester film, acrylics, staples,glass and thermoplastic rubber would make something which exudes ethereal calm. Hunt Rettigs work resembles photographs or even paintings while they aren't. These are actually three dimensional sculptures placed behind frosted glass. As you move around the object it changes light colour and dimension.I also would've never thought that his work expresses his thoughts about what “Native American” means to him.“At what point is native native?My current work explores a new Native American landscape. We live in a land where ‘native species' is a clich. It's an ideal that might not even exist anymore, other than in the minds of some well-meaning but ultimately naive thinkers. But if this ideal does exist, should we even care? When an outsider species is introduced and proliferates in a beautiful, sublime or even ugly way, is that not American? Is it not more American than the original species that it subsumed? This is Native America, the country of consumption and subsumption. America the Beautiful. Native America the Beautiful. We are a people and a culture and a place that is constantly changing, constantly consuming itself. And in that consumption comes new growth – bigger, smaller, better, worse, more beautiful and ugly than ever before. And as Native Americans, that is something we should celebrate. Because to deny it and fight it is to deny and fight ourselves. I choose celebration.”

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