Sustainable Micro Home that Costs Less Than $30,000

NOMAD is a sustainable micro home developed by Vancouver-based designer Ian Lorne Kent with the intent to supply a moveable home for an affordable price that’s less than $30,000. The cost-effective residence integrates all of the basic rooms in a standard home–living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom–into a 10′ x 10′ space. Despite its snug size, the home boasts a visual sense of comforting space that keeps homeowners from feeling claustrophobic.

The designer says, “I knew that effective design could make a space this size feel comfortable. My goal was to produce an efficient yet cozy home with minimal impact on yard space and the environment." With 35 years of home building and an eye for sustainable design under his belt, Kent has set the ground work for a potential new wave of housing that efficiently composes architecture and furniture, eliminating unnecessary space and maximizing room capacity.

The smart use of design throughout the mobile house also manages to merge rooms and architectural divisions seamlessly. In fact, the staircase from the living room up to the bedroom is embedded in such a way that it also serves as a shelf in the kitchen. Another perk of the house is its easy assembly. Kent says, “At least one handyman with a helper could assemble it in less than a week, it's kind of an IKEA type model.”

Kent is currently seeking funding for his NOMAD Micro Home project through Indiegogo.

Nomad Micro Home website
via [Enpundit]

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