Inside the Art Suites of the Spectacular ICEHOTEL

Even though Spring is supposedly just around the corner, Winter isn’t over yet! So why not spend a night in a beautiful ice hotel while you can? Every year in Jukkasjrvi, Sweden, ICEHOTEL calls upon dozens of artists from around the world to construct several artistic suites out of thousands of tons of ice and snow. The hotel, which happens to be the largest of its kind in the world, even boasts an ICEBAR amongst other communal amenities for visitors to enjoy each time winter rolls around.

The latest edition of the frosty lodgings includes several art suites by about 40 international artists, each with its own elaborate theme constructed with meticulous attention to detail and intricate craftsmanship. Artistic director Arne Bergh says, “Many different groups with many functions contribute to the realization of the ICEHOTEL dream. Some of the artists that are here have never seen snow and ice before, while others are old hands at this. It’s a creative exchange, a dialogue about creativity and various techniques.”

In addition to the suites fully equipped with uniquely designed arctic beds, the hotel is known for its exhibition of art. For more information about booking a stay at the hotel before it is melted down for the official arrival of spring, go to ICEHOTEL’s website. If a trip to Sweden is too far and you’re in North America, you might want to check out Canada’s magical ice hotel inspired by Jules Verne.

Top image: Dragon Nest by Bayarsaikhah Bazarsad

Absinthe Minded by Tjsa Gusfors & Ulrika Tallving

Eternity by Fernando Incaurgarat & Alfredo Juan Diez

Blue Marine by Andrew Winch & William Blomstrand

Beam Me Up by Karl-Johan Ekeroth & Christian Strmqvist

The Flower by Natsuki Saito & Shingo Saito

Iceberg by Wouter Biegelaar

Cold and Cranzy by Jonas Gencevicius & Jurgita Genceviciene

ICEBAR by Sofi Ruotsalainen, Mikael "Nille" Nilsson, and Viktor Tsarski

Ice Church by Javier Opazo, Ethan Friedman, and Rob Harding

Whitewater by Elin Julin & Ida Mangsbo

Nest by Maurizio Perron

Northern Lights Suite

Art Exhibition: A warm story about a cold place.

Alternate view of the art exhibition.

Alternate view of the art exhibition.

Exterior view of the building of ICEHOTEL #23.

Photo credit: [Paulina Holmgren, Anna hlund]
ICEHOTEL website
via [designboom]

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