If Fashion Brands Designed Cupcakes…

Food isn't just for eating, as we've all seen, it can also be associated with art and photography. For prop stylist, Lisa Edslv food art means designing cupcakes that replicate famous couture brands such as Chanel, Christian Louboutin, Louis Vuitton, and Vera Wang.

Each of the cupcakes take on color scheme and themes from the designer that it is supposed to emulate. The Betsey Johnson cupcake, for instance, makes use of bright popping colors and includes key Betsey Johnson icons such as the cherry and heart, while the Chanel cupcake is more classy and refined, sticking to a simple color scheme of black and white.

After Edslv's styling, Therese Aldgrd positions the cupcakes in the right lighting with the perfect angle. These cupcakes look almost too pretty and expensive to eat!

Lisa Edslv's Website
Therese Aldgrd's Website
via [Thaeger]

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