If Logos Were Honest – Part 3

It’s been a little while since we posted about Viktor Hertz’s clever work. Lucky for us, he’s back with a new set of Honest Logos that are sure to make you laugh. The designer behind the popular pictogram movie and music posters has turned his attention back onto this project, turning well-known corporate logos into satirical designs. As he’s said, Honest Logos is about “revealing the actual content of the company” or “what they really should be called.”

We caught up with Viktor to ask him where he thinks he’ll take this project next.

“I started doing some honest logos again, a couple of months ago, just playing around with silly ideas, as usual,” he tells us. “Then I thought it would be nice to complete at least 10 of them, and publish them as soon as possible, since I haven’t really shared that much work recently. I actually started and completed the Starbucks logo the very same day as I published them. I had 9 logos, and got somewhat panicked about it, so I just browsed some corporations and came up with this quick idea. Maybe I rushed things, but I can’t be bothered to over work things and wait with putting it online. I’m too restless for that. I haven’t made any decisions whether to continue this project, so there might be more of them in the future. Maybe I’ll do 10 every six months, or something. As long as people enjoy them and I’m amused by them, myself, I think I’ll keep it up.”

If you enjoyed these, make sure to catch Part I and Part II, as well.

Viktor Hertz on Flickr

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