Inca Tern: The Magnificently Mustached Bird

While the beer brand Dos Equis can proudly proclaim that they have “The Most Interesting Man in the World,” in the bird world, the mustache sporting Inca Tern easily takes that title (just substitute “bird” for “man”). Found along the rocky Pacific coastline, from northern Peru south to central Chile, the uniquely plumaged bird is easily recognizable for its dark grey body, its red-orange beak and feet and, of course, that curling white mustache.

Sadly, its population has decreased at a rapid rate due to the loss of suitable nesting areas. They’re only an estimated 150,000 left, classifying them as near threatened.

Taken by a selection of photographers, here are some of our photos featuring these magnificently mustached bird.

Photo credit: Ellen van Yperen

Photo credit: Salamander Photography

Photo credit: Julia Babushkina

Photo credit: Aaron W Gates

Photo credit: William Mercer

Photo credit: Vernsteroo

Photo credit: Kathryn Lisko

Photo via: Animals Photos

Photo credit: Rick Thompson

Photo credit: Annemiek Brink

Photo credit: William Mercer

January 21, 2017

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