Incredible Bullet Portraits

Abraham Lincoln, John Lennon, and John F. Kennedy, Jr. Besides being amazingly accomplished men and acting as inspirations for future generations, they each have something else in common. All were taken before their time by a bullet. Since their invention, bullets have been used for hunting or war, but now artist David Palmer is taking the discarded shells and creating phenomenal portraits of famous figures out of them. After collecting the empty shells, Palmer mounts them and, by using a hand torch, darkens the ends of the casings, creating shadows and gradients in the portraits’ faces. Each work is powerful, and by using this interesting medium, it adds both a unique depth and a very emotional feel to these pieces. In his art, Palmer hopes that viewers will “see the miracles that can arise from choosing to create rather than destroy.”

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December 3, 2016

Artist Completes Gigantic Pen & Ink Drawing After 3.5 Years

From great pain often comes great artwork. Such is the case with Manabu Ikeda‘s monumental Rebirth, a 13′ x 10′ masterpiece that the artist toiled over for 3.5 years, working 10 hours a day. It’s Ikeda’s largest work to date and is the Japanese artist’s response to the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami that set off the Fukushima nuclear disaster.

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December 2, 2016

Sexy French Farmers Pose for Shirtless 2017 Calendar

Last year, the holiday season was set ablaze by France’s Pompiers Sans Frontières (Firefighters Without Borders) and their sizzling, stripped-down calendar. Shot for a good cause by renowned Paris-based fashion photographer Fred Goudon, the risqué calendar proved to be a popular Christmas gift—both in France and abroad. In keeping with tradition, Goudon has photographed a new crop of au naturel pin-up models for his 2017 edition: French farmers.

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