Designer Continues Pairing Tiny Objects with Matching Pantone Swatches

Graphic designer Inka Mathew explores the colorful world around her by matching tiny objects with corresponding Pantone swatches in a series called Tiny PMS Match. Described as a “visual journal” of sorts, the ongoing project documents Mathew’s daily life using items that she says “pique [her] interest and/or have special meaning.” An acorn from the oak tree in her yard pairs perfectly with Pantone 575C, for example, while her husband’s cholesterol medicine blends in seamlessly with the pale blush of Pantone 691C.

According to Mathew, the process is fairly straightforward. After she finds an object she wants to match, she goes through her Pantone chips book (an indispensable tool for graphic designers and color enthusiasts) to find the right swatch. Using natural daylight, she places the object on top of the swatch to make sure the hues match, and then snaps a photo with her phone. She finds matches 95 percent of the time, making for a total of about 145 vibrant compositions since she started the project over a year ago.

Mathew’s vivid images will be published next spring in a hardcover book with never-before-seen matches. Until then, the graphic designer will be posting sneak peeks once a month on Tumblr.

Tiny PMS Match: Tumblr | Webstagram
via [Co.Design]

November 29, 2016

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