Inspirational Links of the Week #5

Today's the day! In last Friday's Inspirational Links post, I told you that I'd be interviewing an artist at his corporate headquarters. Today, I'm excited to announce that in just a few short hours I'll actually be walking around Pixar! Josh Cooley, a story artist there, invited me to come by Pixar's HQ in Emeryville after I told him how much of a fan I am of his company. No doubt, Pixar is one of those places you know is just overflowing with creativity and inspiration. Can't wait to share my first-hand experience with you all.

Watch for our exclusive interview with Josh, Pixar story artist and director, sometime next week. Till then, here's this week's inspirational links. Have a great weekend, everyone!

Around the Web:

A slide at a subway station? Not in the US but at least someone's having fun.

Dog mansions? Yes, this you have to see.

3D paintings with cities that look like they're growing out of the canvas? Crazy cool.

You finally made it to Bora Bora! Now what do you do?

Here are some creative high school photos, you'd probably love to look back on.

So simple yet so very cute. Who wouldn't want these suitcase eyes?

My Modern Met:

Watch films, not movies. Here's why.

Where has happened to all our CDs? Well, 65,000 of them are being gorgeously displayed in Paris.

Does art belong on surfboards? If they look as good as this, absolutely.

It's just a tear in the envelope, right? Sure but it's what it represents that makes it so clever.

Need your daily dose of cute? Then let us show you some absolutely adorable photos.

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