Best Framed Photos from Instagram’s Weekly Hashtag Project

Each week, Instagram's Weekend Hashtag Project invites anyone to contribute their most creative ideas to a specified theme. The fun community event is meant to inspire the most creative artists out there. The project lists a few quick guidelines and then encourages photographers to offer up their best work. Past categories include family portrait, story in motion, liquid landscape, and empty spaces.

Most recently, Weekend Hashtag Project invited participants to use a frame as a prop in their compositions (#WHPframed). The concept left wide room for interpretation and the final results range from beaches to city streets, from winter to summer, and from still life to portraits. It's fascinating to see the range of ideas that come together under one single topic. In the collective series, people from all around the globe share their lives through photographs, and clicking through the featured images is like taking a glimpse into a rare and intriguing world.

Above photo by chriscreature









Weekend Hashtag Project

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