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Intricate Scenes Inside Toilet Rolls (5 pieces)

When most people see a bare toilet roll, instincts tell them to throw it away. But as they say, one person's trash is another person's treasure. French artist Anastassia Elias saw the artistic potential in toilet rolls, and proceeded to create intricate scenes inside of them.

Elias spends hours painstakingly cutting out tiny shapes to make detailed models, before fitting them inside used toilet rolls. The models, which sell for $145 each, come alive when light is shined through the roll from one end.

“Each model takes me hours to make because I have to cut out all of the small paper shapes that I stick inside the toilet rolls, he says. “It is difficult but with practice and patience it gets easier. I use tweezers to manipulate the paper shapes. I select the paper of the same color as the roll. It gives the illusion that the paper figures make part of the roll. The rolls remind me of the famous miniature boats enclosed in bottles.”

Anastassia Elias's website

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