Modular Bookcases Designed to Look like Colorful Pantone Swatches

If you're a designer or just a fan of Pantone colors, Invasione Creativa has envisioned a set of modular furniture that you're sure to appreciate. The Florence-based studio recently proposed a bookcase inspired by swatches in the famous color family. Called One, it features individually-hued cubes that can be stacked and arranged–or even mounted to the wall–according to your taste and preferences.

Each unit is an homage to a different Pantone hue. From the front, they look like the iconic swatch with a colored backdrop and its corresponding Pantone code written below. Now, you'll never forget that purple is Pantone 7662.

As Invasione Creativa shows, the Pantone shelf has the opportunity for fun decor schemes. You could match similarly-colored objects with their backdrop or display things that are opposite to the Pantone hues for a striking effect.

Invasione Creativa: Website | Facebook | Behance
via [Design TAXI]

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