Kids’ Creative Drawings Become Real Inventions We Can Use

Designer Dominic Wilcox asked 450 kids to draw the most imaginative inventions they could think of and later, surprisingly, made their dreams a reality. In collaboration with The Cultural Spring, Wilcox created the Inventors! project, which aims to harness and display the power of childhood creativity. “Instead of just putting the drawings on the fridge door as most adults do with a child's drawings, why not push the ideas as far as they can go?” the project asks. “Take the power of childrens’ imaginations seriously and see where it leads to.”

While they weren’t able to make every idea come alive, 60 finalists had their inventions taken to local manufacturers in Sunderland, England. Wilcox asked these businesses to then utilize the kids’ drawings and turn them into physical prototypes. They only had four weeks to do so, but were able to produce inventions that are clever, thoughtful, extremely helpful, and just plain fun.

Above: Leaf Catcher

Phone Friend:



Self Waterer Plant Pot – S.W.P.P:

Food Cooler:

Ezy Slice Fryer for instant fries:

Family Scooter:

Shady Lamp

Pringles Hook:

The Paint Splatta Baby Sleeper:

Creakless Slippers:

Shout-Activated Camera:

The Liftolater (War Avoider):

Handy High 5:

Inventors!: Website | Instagram | Tumblr
The Cultural Spring: Website | Facebook | Instagram
Dominic Wilcox: Website | Facebook | Instagram
via [Distractify, DeMilked]

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