Invisible (Almost) – Desiree Palmen (9 Photos)


Artist Desiree Palmen has been around for many years but if you’ve seen her work you may not have never known it. Her incredible photographs of camouflaged people explores the possibilities of letting people dissolve or disappear into their surroundings. How does she do it? The artist herself produces the camouflage suit. For each photo, for each environment, she designs a new suit, which has to be made with the greatest precision, or the illusive effect will not work. “By uniting the figure with the background, Desiree Palmen reaches a surprising visual effect that requests a special effort for the observing eye.” If the viewer moved one step away from this ideal view, then the function of the camouflage seizes to exist. What does Palmen want us to get out of this? She wants us to think about our social context and our desire to step out of it. She wants us to think about the way the world has a hold on us and how it keeps us “detained in the artificial light everywhere-represented and in an optimal visibility, for the use of a controlled society.” Because “only those who adapt themselves can possibly withdraw from it.” What do you get out of it?




Tram Shelter

Pavement (1)



Park Bench Desiree Palmen website

December 6, 2016

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December 6, 2016

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