It’s Photo Album Time With Relleno De Mono!

Glad to see I'm not the only one with a colorful childhood… strangely enough, my “invisible f(r)iends” seemingly were cut from the same cloth. Especially Herbie – what a wild one that kid was!

Well, by some miraculous feat Relleno managed to capture the ever-elusive creatures that saw over us in our delicate, formative years (and in all likelihood beyond) though a bit too late for me I'm afraid as my sanity (or lack thereof) is no longer questionable… tried to tell 'em I saw stuff. Strange stuff. No one ever listens to the kid in these tragedies.

Ahhh, memories of you, never fading into darkness for very long (or long enough) forever I surrender to yoooouuuuuu…

All I could find about this dude is here. Proving to be nearly as evasive as the subjects he's gathered.

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