Playfully Elegant Tables Supported by Larger-Than-Life Crustaceans and Arachnids

French artist Jacques Duval-Brasseur created a series of elegant and imaginative tables that incorporate creatures directly into their design. Inspired by the forms of scorpions, lizards, crabs, and more, he reimagined them as larger than life characters and encased them in bronze and brass. Frozen in time, these fabulous fossils hold up massive glass plates that serve as the surfaces of coffee and side tables.

Although Duval-Brasseur's designs feel playful and strikingly modern, these pieces are considered antiques. They were originally produced in the 1970s in limited supply, making them sought-after by collectors. Available through galleries and auctions, they can cost as much as $25,000.

Jacques Duval-Brasseur: 1stdibs
via [lynnmonstermash]

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