Gorgeous Blue Hour Photos of a Small Japanese Village

Our fascination with the blue hour of photography continues! Jason Arney, who we just recently introduced you to with his beautiful Japanese rice terrace shots, has taken some gorgeous photos of a small, rural village in Japan called Shirakawa-go at that magical hour.

“Blue hour occurs right after the sun sets; the remaining light shifts towards blue and casts that hue on everything,” Arney says. “Most people don’t notice, but it is visible as-is. The camera however, needs to remain open for a long time since light is so dim. Colors get richly captured and the blue hour is stark and vibrant.”

The mountainous village is one of the snowiest places in Japan and over 95% of it is covered in forests. One of the most distinct characteristics, however, is the unique-looking houses. As Arney says, “Houses in this area are called gassho and they are made in the traditional manner and the roofs are restored by hand. Gassho also means hands folded in prayer. Since communities have to come together to build each house’s roof it is all very symbolic of the hardships we overcome by cooperation. These traditional houses make amazing subjects and they village lights up during peak winter months to attract tourists. Highly recommended!”

Like a storybook, isn’t it? Hard to believe that places like this actually exist…

Jason Arney’s website

December 2, 2016

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