Giant Sculpture of a Man Made of Letters

Spanish artist Jaume Piensa’s sculptural installation titled Nomade, translated as Nomad, is a literal man of steel. The figurative sculpture displays a gigantic replica of a man sitting with his knees to his chest. The painted stainless steel figure is left incomplete, without a discernible face, feet, or hands, as a sign of welcoming spectators in, literally. The sculpture is open for viewers to experience it firsthand by walking into it and reevaluating their surroundings through the piece that redefines its situated space.

Most intriguing about the 8-meter-high sculpture is perhaps its typographical makeup. Letters circle all around to both create the structure and leave it with a perforated shell, allowing sunlight to seep in and out from all ends. Piensa explains his thoughtful decision for the structure’s construction: “I always imagined that our skin is permanently tattooed with text – our life, our experiences – tattooed, but with invisible ink. And then suddenly, somebody is able to decipher these tattoos; that person becoming a lover, a friend. That is probably why I work with sculptures like this, this human form composed solely of letters, like cells. It's almost biological.”

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Jaume Piensa website
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January 18, 2017

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