Ordinary Objects Cleverly Interact With Simple Line Drawings

The world is filled with possibilities according to clever Ecuador-based artist Javier Perez. From the graphic designer’s perspective, any little object can be redefined to communicate a whimsical idea that will make just about anybody smile.

Perez first began his Instagram Experiments last fall with two forks, some loose change, and a drinking straw, among other things, and he has yet to run out of playfully clever ideas. He uses objects like a single grape on a stem or a thumbtack as the foundation for his idea, and he then pairs the three-dimensional shapes with a simple ink line drawing to complete the concept.

Thanks to his expressive imagination, Perez brings to life a small scrap of food or a static office supply by visualizing his concepts, and then creating the clever interactions between elements that result in this delightfully entertaining series.

Javier Perez’s website
via [Faith is Torment]

December 8, 2016

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