Jawbone’s Revolutionary UP Wristband

Many of you are familiar with Jawbones’ famous designs such as the Icon headset, or the phenomenal Jambox Smart Speaker. Now Jawbone is finally releasing their newest product called UP, a simple wristband that monitors your activity level and overall health.

While this idea isn’t new, Jawbone adds another level to the UP. The band syncs to your iphone thanks to the UP app. Through this app you can see your activity level, the hours you sleep, and by simply taking a photo of your meals, the health of what you are eating. This is all meant to make you a healthier individual. But that’s not all the UP wristband does.

While you sleep, the band keeps track of the hours you’ve been resting. Then, when you are at a specific point in your sleep cycle, the wristband will silently vibrate, quietly waking you up when you should be your most rested but before your specified wake up time. Also, it’s now known that if you work at a desk or are sitting and inactive for to long it can cause serious health problems. So the UP monitors your movements and if you have been too inactive for too long during the day it will vibrate, reminding you to move around. UP is also water resistant so you can wear it 24/7.

“Health isn’t about going to the gym three times a week. It’s about the thousands of little decisions that you make during the day. It’s about what you do in between those ‘healthy times'” says Travis Bogard the VP for Jawbone. He goes on to say that “people know more about their iPhone than they do their own health.” The Jawbone UP can currently be purchased for $99 through their website and will be available in stores such as Apple, Best Buy, Target, and AT&T on November 6th. A minimalistic design, and a product that monitors your health; as a designer and an avid runner I fully support it and may end up getting one myself.

Jawbone’s websitevia [Fastco Design]

January 24, 2017

Delicate and Dreamy Pastel Tattoos Are a Whimsical Way to Adorn the Skin

Hong Kong-based artist Mini Lau designs and creates wonderfully whimsical pastel tattoos. Delicately drawn with fine lines and candy-colored ink, each tiny illustration adorns the skin in a subtle yet striking manner reminiscent of a storybook. Lau is one of the three artists that make up Hello Tattoo, a shop that specializes in a range of styles, from tribal tattoos to mandala-inspired pieces. Lau’s aesthetic is categorized as Korean, a genre renowned for its tiny tattoos featuring watercolor-like shading.

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January 23, 2017

Compassionate Villagers Knit Giant Sweaters to Keep Rescue Elephants Warm

Thanks to some compassionate craftspeople, the rescue elephants living at the Wildlife SOS Conservation and Care Center in Mathura, India have been extra cozy during a recent bout of cold weather. In order to keep the pachyderms—who, prior to taking up residence at the sanctuary, tragically suffered neglect, abuse, and exploitation—happy and healthy, the villagers have dedicated their time to knitting colorful and colossal elephant sweaters.

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