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Beautiful Arrangements of Toothpicks and Matches

Artist and full-time professor Jay Wilson says he uses “humble materials” like toothpicks and matches to create these beautiful works. I love how he incorporates typography and how you can see the red tips of the matches in the deers' antlers or in the lettering. In addition to toothpicks and safety matches, he uses just glue and T-pins.

“The work is complex in arrangement and involves simultaneous contrast and communication between cultural references, composition, scope and tempo of process. It is complexity and the lack of hierarchy that is the work's thrust and provokes questions as opposed to declaring answers, definitive statements or central themes. By juxtaposing sculpture and imagery that is at once familiar and strange, the work moves from unconscious to conscious and in doing so, provides clarity and compositional resolve.”

Recently, he created a 12 foot tall toothpick stalagmite for the Toronto International Art Fair, which you can see here. He's currently showing a selection of his pieces at KWT Contemporary in Toronto, Canada until February 19, 2012.

Jay Wilson's website

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