Impressive Sketches Extend Photographs Beyond Their Edges

Oregon-based artist Jennifer Delaurenti has always created her amazing selection of sketches as a hobby. However, Reddit user delpaint believed that the work deserved more than just sitting around the house. So he posted his mother’s work online and it has quickly become quite the hit. Upon first glance, viewers might believe that the image is all one piece. However, the truth is that each piece is a blend of photograph and sketch.

Delaurenti uses old photographs as the foundation for her work. She places a single image in the center of a composition and then extends the scene beyond the edges of the images by hand drawing the background. She uses a deliberately selected color palette of colored pencils to match the original, and the details of her drawings appear to perfectly match the rest of the documented moment.

Although Delaurenti used to only create the pieces for friends, in just days, the hobby has turned into a business. Original and commissioned pieces can be ordered online through Delaurenti’s Etsy Shop.

Jennifer Delaurenti’s Etsy Shop
via [Viral Nova]

January 21, 2017

Stunning Photos of Trains Roaring Through Picturesque Landscapes

There’s something romantic about train travel. As you sit and watch the world pass by, it offers a firsthand look at a landscape that’s both intimate and fleeting—truly a moving picture. Many routes take passengers (or cargo) through otherwise desolate lands with adventures along the snow-capped mountains, tall grasslands, and dense forests. Through stunning train photos, photographers pay homage to these journeys. Their awe-inspiring portraits capture the hard-working locomotives among grandiose settings.

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January 20, 2017

Rainbow Labyrinth Light Installation Immerses Visitors in a Technicolor World

Architecture and design firm Brut Deluxe has designed a dazzling light installation for the Luneng Sanya Bay Light and Art Festival in China. This rainbow labyrinth titled Yǔzhòu is an immersive experience that brings visitors inside a technicolor world. Brut Deluxe, which is headed by Ben Busche, focuses their work on everything from ephemeral art installations to industrial design, with an eye toward social and aesthetic qualities.

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