Artist Excavates Discarded Books to Transform Their Pages into Stunning Jewelry

London-based artist Jeremy May gives discarded books a new lease on life with his wearable sculptures. Images and text are harvested from these publications and formed into modern rings, bracelets, necklaces, and more. Their colorfully layered and patterned designs hardly resemble books at all–instead, they appear as lustrous, stylish accessories that mesmerize us with their beautiful curves and shapes.

May goes through the same meticulous process to create each piece of jewelry. It begins with a trip to the thrift store to select books that he finds inspiring. He then carefully removes their pages–hundreds of them–and laminates them together. After forming the paper into the small wearables, May applies a high-gloss finish to make them shine. The final step is to reinsert the jewelry back into the space from which it was excavated.

May sells his work through his website and at a few select stockists around the world. From now until April 24, he has jewelry on display at the RR Gallery in New York City.

Above photo source: RR Gallery

Photo source: RR Gallery

Photo source: RR Gallery

Jeremy May: Website
via [Lustik]

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