Adorable Toddler and His Puppy Continue Napping Together

The adorable 2-year-old Beau and his puppy Theo may have gotten a little older and little bigger over the last two months, but they haven’t left each other’s side for nap time. Beau’s mother, mommy blogger Jessica Shyba, continues to capture the two snuggle buddies catching some Z’s together everyday, sharing the portraits that are just too cute for words through her Instagram account, mommasgonecity.

The inseparable pair can be seen dozed off in various positions. Whether the two are wrapped, arms and legs, around each other, lying side by side, or even spooning, there’s a clear sense of unconditional love between them. Shyba even captures a quick video of the two in a smooching position, neither one bothered or awoken by the other. She also captions one of her shots of her son and the cute pup: “I gave Beau the option of napping with me or Theo today. His answer was resounding.”

mommasgonecity on Instagram

January 18, 2017

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