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Portraits of This Generation’s Brilliant Comedians

Seth Rogen

Photographer Jill Greenberg, who, in the past, has shown us the funny, emotive facial expressions of wild animals and the tear-stained faces of babies in a moment of utter anguish, manages to capture the equally animated faces of a number of comedy moguls posing for the camera. Whether it's a simple face-forward portrait or a wacky situational setup, each comedic actor and personality shines his or her brand of funny through the lens. Greenberg translates the unique humorous style of each subject all while retaining her own signature lighting scheme.

Like in a typical photo shoot, most of the celebrities are dressed to impress, but it's the tiny quirks that project their particular sense of humor. While Amy Poehler is donning a pretty pink dress with some refined jewelry, she has clearly been eating with her hands, leaving a mess of barbeque sauce on her fingers. She looks great and yet there is something relatable in her appearance with the inclusion of the sauce, poking fun at the balance of “celebrity” and “comedy” for women. Other comedic actors like John Krasinski and Sacha Baron Cohen reflect less layered though equally effective renditions of their humor. Each represents an element of a character they're famous for – “Jim” face and an unusual Borat working out, respectively.

Amy Poehler

Joel McHale

Woody Harrelson

Eric Wareheim

John Krasinski

Sacha Baron Cohen

Tom Green

Nathan Corddry and Rob Corddry

Kristen Bell

Stephen Colbert

Jon Stewart

Andy Samberg

Lewis Black

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