Bringing Memories to Life with Nostalgic Toys

These photographs by Paris-based photographer Julien Mauve combine nostalgia with everyday adult living. After discovering an old box of toys in his grandparents' attic, Mauve was inspired to bring his old memories to life through modern day, adult interactions with the items. He says, "Going further than their power to generate nostalgia, toys offer those who animate them a marvelous power to reinvent the world."

Through these gorgeous Back to Childhood scenes, Mauve sparks a certain nostalgic memory for all of his viewers. As adults, it becomes customary to pack away your toys and live in the 'grown-up' world. But inside every one of us is that kid who, every once in a while, just wants to run around and play. He says about the toys, "Each of them reminded me of a particular moment of my childhood and I felt emotionally connected to them." Just because we've grown up doesn't mean we don't still like to sometimes play Twister or color with crayons!

I think my favorite image is the Where's Waldo photograph. It's such a subtle reference and took me a moment to figure out, but once I realized I was looking for that red and white striped tee shirt in the crowd, I was pleasantly surprised!

Julien Mauve's website

December 5, 2016

Sweden’s Iconic ICEHOTEL Is Now Open 365 Days a Year

Sweden’s iconic ICEHOTEL has recently completed a project that will allow it to remain open year-round. Located 125 miles north of the Arctic Circle, the ICEHOTEL has been in operation seasonally since 1989. The hotel is created entirely from snow and ice, and includes 20 guest suites, a bar, and art gallery.

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December 5, 2016

Busy Beaver Breaks Into Store to Browse Their Selection of Christmas Trees

Beavers are animals known for their wood-chomping prowess and recognize a good tree when they see it. So, it’s no surprise that this little guy, who snuck into a retailer, was so disappointed when he saw the selection at his local dollar store. All of the trees were artificial! Not everyone appreciated this fine wood connoisseur in the store. As the wild creature wandered the aisles, an officer from the St.

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