Artist Brings Relaxing Sandy Beach Into His Home Office

If you have ever found yourself sitting at work, wishing you could escape to the beach and bury your toes in the sand, this is the home office of your dreams! American Justin Kemp created Surfing With the Sand Between My Toes as a way to get the best of both worlds.

The Massachusetts-based artist is involved with everything from videos to performance art and sculptures. Taking basic objects, like a a ketchup stain shaped like Africa, Kemp helps his viewers see them in unique and interesting ways. He explores social networking and the internet, and finds new ways to define old things in the juxtapositions of everyday life.

Obsessed with the internet and the endless information that it provides, Kemp decided to do his web surfing in a beach-like environment, so he built a sandbox in his own living room. Every day, he can wiggle his toes in the sand and blur the lines between work and play. In an interview, the artist said, “The sand is relaxing, but for me, its more a symbol of my permanent vacation. It's the design of a lifestyle where 'work' becomes so satisfying that vacation and retirement become undesirable. It's a permanent state of chill.”

Justin Kemp’s website
via [Neatorama], [Set Ups and Spaces]

December 4, 2016

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