Thousands of Wood Slivers Form Amazing Cathedral Artworks

Each artwork by Hungarian artist Kalman Radvanyi can contain up to a thousand pieces of natural timbers. These timbers are sourced from dozens of countries around the world and are often only 1/10 inch thick. One of his art pieces may take up to six months to complete, incorporating up to 130 species of natural timbers, some of which are over a thousand years old. Over the last two decades Kalman has perfected this new Radvanyi style.

Kalman first creates a drawing where he works out the details of the design. Then each piece is completely handmade, seamlessly combining ancient and modern techniques to reach the highest level of marquetry in the world. Even the tools used to cut and shape the timber pieces are handmade, by Kalman, of cobalt steel in his studio as the particular shapes of blades that are necessary are not commercially available. Using these handmade tools, every piece of wood is individually hand cut within tolerances we would expect only from a laser, and inserted one by one.

Kalman has a love of Gothic Architecture and is an expert in using “perspective” to create the illusion of depth in the image. Kalman Radvanyi shows his work at Lahaina Galleries in California & Hawaii.

Featured Gemstones:
Australian Opals – 65 million years old, x 8.
Australian Lightning Ridge Opal – 80 million years old.
Mexican Fire Opals – 55 million years old, x 2.
Canadian Ammolite- 270 million years old, x 2.
African Natural Sapphires, x 10.
Burmese Natural Ruby 5.45ct.
Brazilian Madeira Citrine 28.53ct

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