Passionately Dancing the Tango Underwater

A passionate couple dances the Underwater Tango in this spectacular series by Russian artist Katerina Bodrunova. Without giving away much evidence of floating in the middle of deep blue water, the dancers elegantly move with each other into the variety of graceful poses. Bodrunova’s bio explains that many of her photographs “defy conventional physics and show her subjects as weightless objects with an ability to transcend space and time.”

The dancers’ passion and energy is translated through the moves of this cultural dance. In all of the photographs, Bodrunova presents the viewer with an intense, cool palette of smooth, flowing shapes and forms which are consumed by a surrounding darkness. The 27-year-old self taught photographer captures perfectly composed moments in an incredibly difficult setting. In doing so, she creates new realities for her viewers and she says, “Sometimes we change the space around us to fit our ideas and sometimes space, place, or time dictates their rules. We can fight or we can embrace, the choice is ours.”

Katerina Bodrunova’s website
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January 19, 2017

Adorable Red Panda Cub Can’t Stop Hugging Toy That Looks Just Like Her

As if Maiya—a recovering red panda cub living at the Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia—wasn’t already completely adorable, the bright-eyed and bushy-tailed 2-month-old has recently been photographed with a cuddly new companion: a same-species stuffed animal. In November, Amala, a beloved red panda at the zoo, gave birth to Maiya. At first, the little one was happy and healthy. Not long ago, however, she was traumatically injured while being carried in her mother’s mouth.

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