Incredible 3D Latte Art Pops Out of the Cup

There are many latte artists around the world, but one especially skilled barista has expanded his craft to not only produce amazing cappuccino “paintings” but to also have them pop out of the cup like foamy sculptures. Based in Osaka, Japan, 26-year-old barista Kazuki Yamamoto explores the unique craft of 3D latte art, proving that even the most mundane jobs can be perked up with a little creativity.

The visually impressive drinks that Yamamoto produces manipulate both the coffee and its foam, allowing it to extend beyond the confines of the cup. From a long-necked giraffe and a lounging polar bear to a cat stretching over one cup to an adjacent one filled with 2D fish, the artist whips up one playful creation after another. If you think that you wouldn’t be able to drink these wonderful works of latte art, like you’re destroying the creative efforts of an extremely skilled barista, you can take solace in the fact that it will melt away whether you take a swig or not. Luckily, we can eternally feast on Yamamoto’s creations with our eyes.

The latte artist can be followed on Twitter (@george_10g), where he constantly updates with new coffee creations.

Kazuki Yamamoto on Twitter
via [Visual News]

January 23, 2017

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