Wild Animal Illustrations Burst Out of Geometric Encasings

Master doodler Kerby Rosanes (aka Sketchy Stories) is back with a new series of creative sketches. The Manila-based illustrator, who is internationally recognized for his whimsical illustrations, continues to combine elaborate detail with a trademark charm. In the past, Rosanes created intricate sketches that exploded out of Moleskin notebooks, and now the self-taught artist’s newest collection of doodles takes a different visual approach–wild animals emerge from crystalized, geometric confinement, offering a playful combination between the real and the surreal.

Initially, Rosanes attempted to balance a job in design with freelance illustration work on the side, but eventually quit his job to pursue his art full time, stating this as one of the best decisions of his life. For Rosanes, the creative and complex drawings that he is constantly working on enable him to combat the sadness in the world around him, in a positive way. He draws inspiration from the natural world, as so many artists do, with nature and animals inspiring a sense of wonder within. His new doodles are infused with this sense of wonder, as he depicts normal animals bursting out from plain geometric encasings in triumphant expressions of freedom.

Rosanes has slowly but surely amassed a substantial following of fans, as people are drawn to his intricate drawings. For budding artists, Rosanes advice is to create every day, and share your work with everyone you can, in order to get yourself out there. Regarding his viral surge of fame, Rosanes has stayed humble, as he explains in a video with Society6: when you are doing something close to your heart, it isn’t about the number of followers you have online.

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