Surreal Light Streaks Shoot Across Night Skies

American photographer Kevin Cooley creates captivating scenes in which unexpected light sources are purposefully placed against the darkness of night. Just recently, we enjoyed his Take Refuge series, a collection of images that emphasize one soft illumination set in a variety of snowy landscapes. We liked it so much that we decided to write about another of his intriguing projects, entitled Lights Edge. Just like much of his work, this particular series features a strong contrast between the natural world and a manufactured one. He uses flares in remote areas to capture one single streak of light across the atmosphere.

The solitary, glowing beams create a surreal experience for the viewer. We wonder: Is it a signal of distress? A playful display of one single firework? Is the light coming or going? Cooley’s compositions challenge us to create a narrative that explains the baffling presence of this ascending and descending light.

Regardless of what we decide for ourselves, the reality is that each light initiated by Cooley is an intentional intervention. Through his actions, he uses a manmade product to directly contradict the intriguing, mysterious beauty of nature. Cooley says, “I am interested in our collective obsession with conquering, overpowering, and controlling nature, yet there is still both a longing and a fear towards nature. We are constantly reminded that despite our best efforts, it is nature that is ultimately in control.”

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December 6, 2016

Over 25,000 Paper Flowers Transform Room Into Colorful Art Experience

More than 25,000 colorful paper flowers spiral around a 6-meter atrium at the shopping mall of Omotesando in Tokyo. The visually stimulating scene is part of Emmanuelle Moureaux‘s newest installation, Color Mixing. The French-born, Tokyo-based architect created the vibrant work as part of NSK’s 100th anniversary exhibition, Setting the Future in Motion. NSK is a leading manufacturer of bearings, and the artist made good use of their capabilities in her work.

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December 6, 2016

Artist Creates Beautiful Henna Crowns for Free for Cancer Patients

Like many body art studios, Seattle-based henna company Sarahenna helps people celebrate special occasions. From wedding looks to embellished baby bumps, the talented team—led by founder Sarah Walters—helps clients mark major milestones with their artistic practice. What sets Sarahenna apart from the rest, however, is their dedication to helping others. In particular, they offer “henna crowns” to women who have experienced hair loss due to chemotherapy.

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