Poetic Veiled Sculptures Shrouded in Mystery


The statue of a young woman, facedown and veiled by a stream of glass crystal beads, is an interesting work of art known as Ghost Girl by London-based sculptor Kevin Francis Gray. Presented on a pedestal like a classic Greek sculpture, the marble figure offers a somber look at a modern young woman. It combines the classic style of sculptures with an urban aesthetic; thereby, leading one to question its artistic intention.

This contemporary piece, like much of Gray’s work, has a hint of secrecy and surrealism to it. When the beaded veil is pulled back, it is revealed that a skeletal face lies behind it. Equally disturbing are the scars on the girl’s arms, purposely held behind her body. One is led to wonder whether the beads are symbolic tears or an interpretive shield.

Each of Gray’s sculptures, typically made of cast resin, bronze, or marble, simulates some sort of cloaking material to keep the figures hidden. They each wear a mask, whether it’s in the form of a cascade of beads covering their face or a draping sheet obscuring their entire bodies.

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Photo via Laissez Fare


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Photo credit: RJ Swanson
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January 23, 2017

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