Revealing Layers of Complex Antique Machines

Take the most mundane item you can think of and San Francisco-based photographer Kevin Twomey will turn it into something fascinating. In this series, Twomey removes the cover of these old adding machines to reveal the intricate layers of complex gears and springs. The artist says he, "delights in raising the most mundane of objects to an iconic level."

Twomey's skilled lighting techniques accentuate the detail in every machine. As a viewer, we are drawn into a world of curiosity not only about the workings of these antique items, but also about the story behind the machines. Questions naturally arise, such as: Who owned it? What was it used for? And when did it get tossed aside and replaced by more a modern device? Twomey explains, "An observer is unwittingly led along trails blazed by his own curiosity to discover what has always been there, but was until now unseen."

Kevin Twomey's website
via [Co.Design]

December 10, 2016

World Map Reveals What Each Country Does Better Than Any Other

Designer David McCandless of Information is Beautiful has created a fascinating world map called International Number Ones. “Because every country is the best at something,” McCandless also offers the caveat that this accolade is “according to data,” which makes perfect sense once you study the map. Being the number one at something isn’t necessarily a compliment. Many countries are the “best” when it comes to issues that are morally reprehensible.

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December 9, 2016

Intricately Detailed Floating Cube Casts Stunning Shadows

We have always been big fans of Pakistan-born artist Anila Quayyum Agha’s mesmerizing art. In 2014, we raved about Intersections, a captivating wooden cube that cast dreamy shadows with a single light bulb. Fortunately for us, Agha is still creating intricate installations in this style, with her most recent, radiant piece being All The Flowers Are For Me. Like Intersections, All The Flowers Are For Me plays with light and space.

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