Silhouettes of Superheroes Reveal Their Past and Present, Part II

Fairfield, California-based artist Khoa Ho is back with the second part of his awesome poster series, Superheroes – Past/Present. While last time we looked at the past and present of more familiar heroes like Batman, Superman, and Spiderman, this time, Hoa may just stump you, unless you’re a true comic book fan. Similar to his last set, the artist brings out the story of each character by showing you a small, simple silhouette inside the bright light of the current day hero. As we mentioned before, the series draws inspiration from the powerful quote in Batman Begins, “It’s not who you are underneath. It’s what you do that defines you.”

As a challenge, try and guess each superhero. You can find the answers at the end of this post. If you liked these so much you want them as prints, you can buy them at HCG.

Khoa Ho website

Answers: 1. Hulk 2. Aquaman 3. Captain America 4. Green Lantern 5. Thor 6. Wonder Woman

January 23, 2017

Makeup Artist Raises Mental Health Awareness With New #InsideOutChallenge

Canadian beauty blogger Yasaman Gheidi is using her makeup skills to spread mental health awareness with her new #InsideOutChallenge. While makeup can be fun and glamorous, Gheidi shows us a different side by using products to transform her face into a mirror for what’s within. The project came about after the 27-year-old self-taught beauty blogger left her staff Christmas party early due to an anxiety attack.

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